The quickest way to get data and insights to the places where decisions get made.

Quickpath allows data and IT teams to deliver real-time intelligence that drives automated and optimized actions across the business in days, not weeks.

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Today, it’s too hard to use your data and insights to influence interactions and actions the business needs to take.

Especially in real-time.

Your IT and data teams have the data, and often the insights but can’t get them to the places of the business where decisions are made.

Your marketing, sales, and service teams know what information they need to take smarter actions. They just don’t have access to it quickly enough.

The process is fragile, incomplete or requires more time, skills or team members than you have today.

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Quickpath solves 3 key challenges for data and IT teams

Difficulty delivering value

70% of organizations struggle to realize value from data and insights

Scarcity of data skills

The skills needed to build real-time, continuous intelligence are hard to find.

High failure rates

Only 13% of insights and models make it in to production.

The Quickpath Solution

Decide. Act. Optimize.

Quickpath makes connecting data and insights easy, so you can focus on what really matters - your business.

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