Today, it’s too hard to use your data and insights to influence interactions and actions the business needs to take.

Especially in real-time.

Your IT and data teams have the data, and often the insights but can’t get them to the places of the business where decisions are made.

Your marketing, sales, and service teams know what information they need to take smarter actions. They just don’t have access to it quickly enough.

The process is fragile, incomplete or requires more time, skills or team members than you have today.

Over time, the number of tools grow and continue to become more disconnected.

Your data is becoming even more siloed.

This makes integrations not just expensive but a slow process.

You must connect these tools and systems before you can gather and apply insights that will drive decisions and actions for the business.

There’s an easier and faster way to deliver real-time intelligence that drives actions across your business.

Integrate easily

Connect to your channels and apps with low code and apply intelligence – no matter where the data comes from

  • Leverage prebuilt integration connectors for popular data sources, SaaS applications or quickly create new ones for custom APIs
  • Understand how decisions are made with rich metadata on data, models, and business rules
  • Add or adjust data as sources evolve easily and without disrupting business operations
  • Apply intelligence using on ML models, metrics, or applying business rules
  • Import and deploy custom models, run them externally, or start quickly with cloud ML APIs
  • Quickly experiment while reducing risk using champion/challenger insights and decision routing

Activate quickly

Equip your business teams make smarter decisions, by measuring effectiveness and quickly applying what we learn.

  • Enable data and insights as a service with elastic scale APIs and event stream processing
  • Activate insights within your existing systems using any speed of data
  • Automate smart actions across your workforce from tens to thousands of team members
  • Quickly capture feedback and continuously improve outcomes
  • Equip business teams with metrics, like ROI, to understand (OR provide visibility into) what’s working and what’s not by capturing outcomes and measuring performance lift