Quickpath is the platform for
AI Orchestration

Through AI assisted low-code data integration and activation, we turn the contextual data you have into real-time actions, decisions and conversations that leverage generative and predictive models.

Easily connect to the data, models and systems you use everyday

How it works


Use prebuilt connectors to instantly integrate your data, models, and applications. Access data via APIs, event streams, vector and memory data stores and databases in real-time. Automatically create new connectors by importing OpenAPI specs for internal or 3rd party applications.

Apply Intelligence

Activate,  deploy and combined the capabilities of your custom models with LLMs, vector stores, feature stores, key events and metrics in real-time.

  • Operationalize your Models

    Apply intelligence using LLMs like ChatGPT, custom and off-the-shelf ML models, and cloud ML APIs.

  • AI assisted low-code business logic

    Apply business rules for data transformation, derivations, metric calculations, and decision logic.

  • Agile experimentation

    Experiment using champion/challenger decision routing to improve results, reduce risk, and measure the lift from insight driven decisioning.


Deliver real-time context and insights directly into your critical business applications. Build intelligent data products that provide LLM assisted co-pilot solutions, real-time APIs, event streaming interfaces or batch sync to activate insights within your existing systems of action. 


As a business, you're constantly moving. Quickpath ensures you are continuously improving.

  • Capture outcomes

    Close the loop by automating the capture of the response of each interaction, decision, and action taken.

  • Measure lift

    Measure performance over time to understand the lift and ROI that's been delivered. Rich logging and observability ensure understanding, transparency, and trust.

  • Continuously optimize

    Results feed back into the process for refitting models , tuning thresholds and business rules, and agile experimentation to transform the way you do business.  Capture prompt history and feeback to optimize generative AI.