Generative and Conversational AI

Connect to your data and apply intelligence using LLMs like ChatGPT, custom and off-the-shelf ML models, metrics, or custom business rules using an AI assited low-code platform.   

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Connect and Apply Intelligence

Use prebuilt connectors to instantly integrate your data, models, and applications. Access data via APIs, event streams, vector and memory data stores and databases in real-time. Automatically create new connectors by importing OpenAPI specs for internal or 3rd party applications.


Import, deploy and combine the capabilities of your custom models with LLMs, vector stores and feature stores. Deploy AI solutions solutions based on proprietary and contextual company data that provide batch sync, real-time API, and/or event streaming interface .  


Deliver robust co-pilot solutions based on proprietary and contextual company data.  Automate smart actions and enable self-service natural language assistants across your workforce from tens to thousands of team members

Low-code integration

Accelerate development and reduce maintenance using prebuilt connectors for popular apps and data sources.

One click deployment

Deploy robust data APIs and streams that provide automated documentation, scaling, and monitoring ensuring that they’re ready to consume by your dev teams.

Real-time data products

Publish APIs or event streams that provide fast, scalable, secure data and insights to the teams that need them. Build data products that move at the speed of your business.

Intelligent applications

Easily add real-time model scoring, metric calculations, and business logic that inform actions and decisions within your existing applications.

Automated actions

Take automated action based on identified events. Create tasks, approve applications, generate alerts and route leads all within the tools you use today.

Continuous optimization

Capture actions taken and results to measure effectiveness, refine event identification, and improve processes over time