Easily connect to the data and systems you use everyday.

With our low-code blueprint studio, you can integrate your data, apps, channels and task management systems in real-time. The data products you create become integrate-able APIs for other systems. You can string multiple blueprints together to create increasingly complex processes that are easy to maintain, monitor and deploy. Below are just a few of the most common connectors available with Quickpath.

Your data.

Integrate with your data sources quickly regardless of
whether you are listening for events from your streaming
sources, need to augment your data via a service provider or have scheduled operations that keep your
upstream systems in-sync.

Your apps.

Whether your business applications initiate a request for a decision (like a churn score calculated in real-time), pass data to initiate down stream events or simply want to be informed of data changes and business events, if your applications have an API Quickpath can integrate to them easily.

Your alerts.

Create truly automated processes by connecting to your alerting, monitoring and task management systems. With Quickpath connectors you can ensure your teams have the data and intelligence to react to changes is your business in real-time wether it is a team of 10 or 10,000.

Your channels.

Taking action doesn’t just happen in your business applications, you also need to be able to quickly integrate to the channels you use to communicate with your customers. Web, mobile, social and even traditional email and telephony channels, need to be able to act based on the most relevant and up-to-date data and intelligence.

In addition to Quickpath’s growing library of pre-build and native connectors to the applications you use every day, you can easily integrate seamlessly with anything that has an API using OpenAPI or Webservices and connect to most databases via our Generic RDB connectors.

Integrate the models you have in production or deploy them with Quickpath.

With Quickpath intelligence connectors, you can quickly and easily utilize AI Services and pre-built Cloud ML models, models you are running in Cloud and 3rd party ML providers or models you have built utilizing your favorite Opensource or 3rd Party tools and use Quickpath to quickly get them in to production. Below are just a few examples of the rich set of model and intelligence connectors available with the Quickpath Platform.

AI Services

Leverage prebuilt AI services from major clouds providers for AI capabilities like NLP, speech-to-text, computer vision, forecasting, and next best action personalization. Quickpath has prebuilt connectors for AI service APIs to quickly add powerful intelligent automation to your existing apps and processes.

Cloud ML

Use ML development platforms like AWS Sagemaker or Google Cloud DataLab to train your own custom models using scalable cloud compute. Deploy models in using those services or import them into Quickpath for deployment, then easily integrate that intelligence with your data and apps.

3rd party ML

If you utilize 3rd party ML development platforms, the challenge continues to be how you deploy and integrate those with your business. If you are running those models in production today, Quickpath can easily connect those to your business. If you are struggling to deploy those models, Quickpath gives you the ability to import those and deploy them with a single click.

Opensource ML

If you like to roll your own models using the latest and greatest opensource ML libraries and frameworks, Quickpath gives you the ability to seamlessly import, deploy, and manage those models so you can start driving value in weeks, not months and years.

In addition to utilizing models, Quickpath gives you the ability to develop all kinds of intelligent actions and decisions. Natively within the Quickpath Platform you can implement business rules, looping logic and the data transformations necessary to utilize your models and make decisions.